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Antonio Lobato Kids

Let me introduce you our marvellous exhibitor..
Antonio Lobato Kids

The history of Antonio Lobato Kids is born from the union of a trajectory of more than 25 years in the world of fashion and the passion of Antonio Lobato for his work, a whole new section dedicated to children's fashion. Pieces with their own style, where everything is important: the design, the pattern, the tailoring, taking care of every last detail ... all made by hand. Our models are limited series aimed at a child audience as well as family.

It is a timeless collection with handcrafted limited series items. Recycled patchwork fabrics of different materials such as lycra, polyester, polyamide ... and in turn lined with certified cotton. They are durable pieces ideal pieces that belong to every wardrobe. Our identification is undoubtedly the color cavalcade.

Follow them on social media, and JOIN US on the 5-6th of JUNE 2021 at Le Petit Ma Bimbo Show to meet them among our exhibitors!